DJJ News Briefs, Vol. 9: Jan. 7, 2020

The Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) becomes the Department of Youth and Community Restoration (YCR), as part of the Health and Human Services Agency (CHHS) on July 1, 2020.

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Kylan Lewis. a former DJJ youth, now  trainee at the Ventura Training Center.
Kylan Lewis. a former DJJ youth, now trainee at the Ventura Training Center.

First Youth Firefighters Accepted to Ventura-Based Wildland Firefighter Training Program

Twenty year old Kylan Lewis is a new trainee and one of two from the Division of Juvenile Justice to be accepted at the Ventura Training Center (VTC) program. Lewis is finishing his high school education and taking community college courses toward his goal of becoming a full-time firefighter. His peers at VTC call his focus and determination an inspiration. Read the entire story here. Congratulations to Kylan Lewis and Jesus Dowling for being the first DJJ youth accepted to the career training program earlier in January after discharge from Pine Grove Youth Conservation Camp.

2020-21 Budget brings growth opportunities to YCR In January, the Governor’s proposed Budget was revealed. It reflects the details of the transition of DJJ to YCR, with the transfer of 1309.9 CDCR positions and 112 new positions in order to create the administrative backbone of the new Department and an independent training center to focus on our mission and vision. As planned and discussed at employee forums held over the past year, this keeps all current positions, classifications and benefits intact within our collective bargaining units and should not

cause a disruption to employees or operations. While legislative approval is needed, some positions have already been approved and are being posted. Keep up to date on job opportunities via CalCareers, staff emails and our list of current openings on our transition web portal. For more details on the Budget and transition, see Dir. Heather Bowlds’ memo to all staff that we’ve archived on the DJJ to DYCR Transition Portal.


Will my bargaining unit change?

You will remain in your current bargaining unit and be represented by your same collective bargaining groups. For example, peace officers who are part of Bargaining Unit 6 remain in BU6 when their current contact ends, July 2, 2020 and will be represented by California Correction Peace Officers Association in upcoming negotiations. Teachers will continue to be represented at the bargaining table by the same representation, SEIU 1000 in Bargaining Unit 3.

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