DJJ Director

director of djj chuck supple

Chuck Supple serves as the Director of the Division of Juvenile Justice.  He has been with the Division for over fourteen years, serving as a Parole Agent assisting youth in DJJ facilities prepare for reentering their communities, Commissioner and Executive Officer on the Juvenile Parole Board, and Chairman of the Board of Juvenile Hearings. 

Prior to his involvement in juvenile justice, Mr. Supple worked for nearly twenty years in the field of national and community service at the local, state and national levels, including serving as the founding Director of California Campus Compact, a coalition of college and university presidents to support collegiate public service; in the Bush and Clinton Administrations’ on the Points of Light and AmeriCorps initiatives; President and CEO of Public Allies, a community leadership development program for young adults; and Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Service and Volunteerism in the Davis Administration. 

His entire professional life has been dedicated to creating opportunities for young people to serve their communities and develop as successful and contributing members of society.