Our Mission

To provide opportunities for growth and change by identifying and responding to the unique needs of our youth. We do this through effective treatment, education, and interventions in order to encourage positive lifestyles, reduce recidivism, strengthen families, and protect our communities.

Guiding Principles

DJJ will follow core principles consistent with our Integrated Behavior Treatment Model.

I – In an INTEGRATED team approach that includes youth, staff, families, and communities

  • Each youth’s risks and needs will be identified.
  • A comprehensive treatment plan will be developed.
  • Services that are proven to be effective will be delivered.
  • Community linkages will be established.
  • Staff will be recognized as the catalyst for change.

B – To foster BEHAVIOR that is safe and healthy for youth, staff, and communities

  • Interpersonal social skills, strategies, and techniques will be taught, modeled, and reinforced in order to increase:
    • Safe practices
    • Stress management
    • Self-monitoring and regulation
    • Recognition for achievement

T – By providing effective TREATMENT and understanding the Stages of Change

  • Interventions will be developmentally sensitive and based on cognitive-behavioral concepts and strategies.
  • Supervisors and staff will learn and use communication techniques that motivate and encourage an open exchange of ideas and information.
  • Personal growth and positive change will be recognized, celebrated, and supported.

M – By maintaining fidelity to our MODEL

  • Staff will be provided with ongoing training, coaching, and support.
  • Treatment and evidence-based interventions will be provided by fully trained and qualified staff.
  • Program elements will be monitored for fidelity.
  • Effectiveness will be determined by measured outcomes.