Beacon Award

2020 Beacon Award

The Beacon Award is given annually to the person or persons who have fully embraced and expanded the Department’s rehabilitative mission to make California safer through small, every day acts that recognize and tap into an individual’s potential to transform.


O’Brian Bailey, Correctional Administrator at Avenal State Prison, and Karen Reed, Parole Agent lII, Division of Adult Parole Operations, Southern Region

O’Brian shows deep commitment to rehabilitation through his efforts in many areas.

But his most notable achievement is the success of youth. He volunteered to coordinate all programing for the Youth Offender Program at Avenal, about 110 men. He creates a safe environment while these people are in prison and a vision of a prosperous and productive life after incarceration.

Our second honoree, Karen, found her passion for giving back to the community in unique ways.  She single-handedly brought the concept of beach clean-ups to the South, where parole agents and parolees work side-by-side cleaning up public areas every month and exposing the parole population to pro-social activities. 

She regularly organizes events in parole field units.  During the holidays, Karen has organized toy drives and canned food drives for needy families within the parole districts.