Distinguished Service Medal

2020 Distinguished Service Medals Awarded

CDCR distinguished service medal with white and green ribbon

33 Distinguished Service Recipients in 2 Incidents

The Distinguished Service Medal is awarded for an employee’s exemplary work conduct with the Department for a period of months or years, or involvement in a specific assignment of unusual benefit to the Department.

Michael A. Tuntakit, Correctional Captain, Avenal State Prison, and Jamie Shaw, Correctional Lieutenant, who has since retired

At the request of their two wardens, Lieutenants Tuntakit and Shaw researched and wrote a modern, more effective and job-specific training curriculum for CDCR’s supervisor training.

Their work brings value and meaningful training to learning participants. Their training model morphed into a more than just a new curriculum. It changed into a new hiring practice and a new vision of support for first-line supervisors.

Lisa Heintz, Associate Director, ISUDT Project Executive

Renee Kanan, Deputy Director, Chief Quality Officer, Medical Services Division

Duane Reeder, Deputy Director, CCHCS Fiscal Services

Christopher Helton, Staff Services Manager III, CCHCS Fiscal Services

Amber Barry, Associate Budget Analyst, CCHCS Fiscal Services

Barbara Barney-Knox, Statewide Chief Nurse Executive, Nursing Services

Eureka Daye, former Deputy Director, Mental Health Services

Elizabeth Gransee, Deputy Director, Health Care Communications

Kristina Khokhobashvili, Chief, Office of External Affairs, OPEC

Ron Davis, Associate Director, Division of Adult Institutions, Reception Centers

Chantel Quint, Associate Warden, Division of Adult Institutions, Office of Policy Standardization

Marvin Speed, Chief Deputy Administrator, Division of Adult Parole Operations

Kevin Hoffman, Deputy Director, Division of Rehabilitative Programs – Office of Program Operations

Hillary Iserman, Deputy Superintendent, Division of Rehabilitative Programs – Office of Correctional Education

Michelle Weaver, Associate Director, Facilities, Planning, Construction and Management

Michael Potter, Staff Services Manager III, Facilities, Planning, Construction and Management

Andrea Carter, Assistant Deputy Director, CCHCS Human Resources

Jasinda Muhammad, Deputy Director, CCHCS Human Resources

Margie McCune, Assistant Chief, Office of Labor Relations

Migdalia Siaca, Deputy Director, Office of Labor Relations

Annette Lambert, Deputy Director, Quality Management

John Dunlap, Deputy Medical Executive, Quality Management

Spencer Puente, Research Data Manager, ISUDT Dashboard, Quality Management

Stacy Lopez, Associate Director, Peace Officer Selection and Employee Development

Fran Archuleta, Deputy Director, Healthcare Business Services

Jennier Barretto, Director, Healthcare Administration and Policy

Janene DelMundo, Project Manager, CCHCS

Randy Fisher, Chief Administrative Officer, California Prison Industry Authority

Ryan Souza, former Deputy Director, Division of Rehabilitative Programs – Office of Program Operations

Ronald Phillips, Staff Services Manager I, California Prison Industry Authority

Marcus Dahlstrom, Physician and Surgeon, Quality Management and Performance Evaluation, CCHCS

In 2019, CDCR and CCHCS began managing substance use disorder as a chronic medical illness with evidence-based treatments that reduce morbidity, mortality and recidivism. 

The Integrated Substance Use Disorder Treatment – or ISUDT – program is a bold shift touching every part of our agency, supporting our core mission.

Participants in ISUDT work to change their thinking and behaviors; they live in supportive housing; and they receive Medication Assisted Treatment, if eligible.  When they leave prison, ISUDT participants are assisted in successfully transitioning back to life with their families and in their communities, with direct connections to rehabilitative resources.

The ISUDT Planning and Implementation committee spearheaded efforts to build the foundation for this vital work.  These leaders from across CDCR and CCHCS will receive Distinguished Service Medals for their achievements.