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Kern Valley State Prison Officials Investigate the Attempted Murder of a Peace Officer

Four correctional officers injured in attack by an inmate

DELANO – Officials at Kern Valley State Prison (KVSP) are investigating an incident, which occurred Saturday on Facility B, as an attempted murder of a peace officer.

On Dec. 21, just before 8 a.m., correctional officers instructed inmate Elrader Browning to a search of his person. Browning quickly produced an inmate-made weapon and began stabbing at staff. Officers gave orders for Browning to stop, but he ignored their orders and continued his attack. Staff used physical force to stop his assaultive actions and confiscate the weapon.

Four correctional officers suffered injuries and were transported to an outside hospital for treatment. One officer had a puncture wound to his face with a laceration to his neck. A second officer suffered a fractured wrist. A third had a sprained knee and a fourth suffered a sprained wrist. All four were treated and released and are recovering.

Browning, 39, was received from Los Angeles County on Nov. 9, 2001, to serve a 41-year sentence with the possibility of parole for attempted second-degree murder and assault with a firearm. He also received a conviction from Del Norte County in June 2003 for attempted second-degree murder by a prisoner with a deadly weapon or force likely to produce great bodily injury, his second strike.

Prison officials have placed Facility B on a 24-hour threat assessment in order to thoroughly investigate the incident.

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