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Condemned Inmate Orlando Romero Dies

SAN QUENTIN – Condemned inmate Orlando G. Romero, 48, was pronounced deceased Aug. 2 at an outside hospital. His death appears to be from complications related to COVID-19. A coroner will determine his exact cause of death.

Romero was sentenced to death in Riverside County on Aug. 28, 1996, for first-degree murder and second-degree robbery while armed with a firearm. He was also sentenced to three life-with-parole sentences: one for attempted first degree murder armed with a firearm, another for attempted first-degree murder and other numerous offenses, and the third for kidnap/robbery while armed with a firearm and several robbery offenses. He was admitted onto death row on Sept. 4, 1996.

There are currently 715 people on California’s death row. More information about capital punishment in California can be found here:

inmate Orlando G. Romero

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