Office of Correctional Safety

The Office of Correctional Safety (OCS) supports the mission of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. The OCS mission is to protect the public and serve the CDCR investigative and security interests. The OCS is the primary departmental link with allied law enforcement agencies and the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. The Chief, OCS, has authority over all OCS staff and operations.

The OCS is comprised of six sub-units:

  • Special Services Unit (SSU) conducts the major criminal investigations and prosecutions, criminal apprehension efforts of prison escapees and parolees wanted for serious and violent felonies, primary departmental gang management unit, conducts complex gang related investigations of inmates and parolees suspected of criminal gang activity; and administrative investigative and law enforcement liaison unit.
  • Fugitive Apprehension Teams (FAT) conduct field arrest operations of high-risk parolee violators/absconders.
  • Emergency Operations Unit (EOU) oversees special departmental operations such as special transports; hostage rescue; riot suppression; firearms, less lethal weapons, and armories; critical incident response; and protective vests.
  • Emergency Planning and Management Unit (EPMU) oversees departmental emergency planning, preparedness, response and recovery needs and manages the Department Operations Center (DOC).
  • Criminal Intelligence and Analysis Unit (CIAU) identifies and conducts trend and link analyses between criminal suspects and criminal enterprise organizations operating within California’s correctional systems and assists with internal and external suppression efforts.
  • Juvenile Gang Operations Unit (JGO) is responsible for oversight of juvenile gang management issues.

Policy & Regulations