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EAP is a 24-hour confidential hotline for employees and eligible dependents* to help find balance, overcome stress, and help with day-to-day challenges. EAP offers counseling and hosts monthly events, provides webinars, self-assessment tools, community resources and web based care free of charge.

*Eligible dependents are defined as: lawful spouse or registered domestic partner, and unmarried, depend- ent children (natural, adopted, step) under the age of 26. Children of any age who are incapable of self- sustaining employment due to a mental or physical disability.

*Ineligible dependents: dependents who are serving in the military.

Free service

The Law Enforcement & Community Services (LECS), California Chaplain Corps (CCC) is a confidential law-enforcement–sensitive support service that provides 24-hour, 365 days a year crisis incident stress management and post-trauma stress services to all CDCR/CCHCS employees and their families. There are no fees or co-pays associated with this program and all communications between chaplains, employee and/or dependents are protected pursuant to the California Evidence Code, Sections 1030-1034.

Free service

PSP ensures staff involved in work related critical incidents are provided with support and available resources to cope with the immediate effects of a traumatic incident. Local PSP teams are available at each CDCR location and consist of volunteer custody and non-custody staff who will listen, answer questions, and offer resources to help the employee deal with their situation in a confidential environment. There are over 1,200 CDCR trained peer supporters. Employees may contact their local PSP team directly to receive support and resources. To identify your PSP team leader the Statewide PSP leader roster is available on the CDCR website.