Schedule a Visit Using Email

Check the Facility Status before using the email method to schedule a visit.

Check the Facility Status page for specific visiting days and reservation instructions. Each facility will provide specific instructions to schedule the visit. 

When email is required to schedule a visit, your request must be submitted to the institution between Saturday at 8 a.m. and Monday at 8 a.m. the week prior to the visit. Unfortunately, scheduling during modified programming is not flexible — you will be assigned a day and time that cannot be changed. One in-person visit request per email will be permitted. 

Only use email if instructed by an institution. 

What to include in the email (all are required):

facility email icon
  • Full name of incarcerated person 
  • CDCR Number of incarcerated person
  •  Approved visitor(s) full names(s)
  •  Date of birth of approved visitor(s)
  •  Valid identification type and number of visitor(s)
  •  Relationship to the incarcerated person
  •  Email address of visitor(s)
  •  Phone number of visitors(s)

Institution visiting staff email addresses:

Fire Camps