01A Required Documents for a Parole Consideration Hearing
01B Determining If Good Cause Exists to Grant a Postponement of a Parole Consideration Hearing Due to an Inmate’s Inability to Obtain Essential Documents
02 Role of Victim Support Person
03 Evidentiary Questions at Parole Hearings
04 Ex Parte Communication


01 Audio And Video Conferencing At Parole Hearing
02 Requirements for the Substitution of Counsel and for Waiver of Counsel
03A The Official Written Record at Parole Hearings
03B Procedures for Handling Exhibits at Hearings
03C Transcripts of Audio, Video, and Other Electronically Stored Statements Filed with the Board
04 The Right of Victims to Submit Written Impact Statements and the Right of Inmates to Review Written Records 10-Days Prior to a Hearingl
05 Scope of Victim Impact Statements at Hearings


01 Procedures To Resolve A Tie Vote At A Parole Suitability Hearing
02 Parole Hearings, Including Oral Statements Made By Counsel In Closing
03A Standards For Review Of Requests For Waivers, Stipulations, Postponements And Continuances
03B Requirements When Discussing Waivers, Stipulations, And Postponements With Inmates At Hearings
03C Prehearing Review Of Requests For Waivers, Stipulations And Postponements
04 Guidance On Handling Intimate Partner Battery Information At Parole Suitability Hearings
05 Special Parole Considerations For Inmates Subject To Deportations
07 Guidance On Parole Consideration Hearings For Youth Offenders


01 Criteria For Certified Law Students To Serve As Counsel At Parole Consideration Hearings
02 Victims’ Right To Be Heard Prior To Board’s Decision On Life Inmate’s Offer To Stipulate To Unsuitability
03 Procedures To Follow When A Parole Suitability Hearing Is Continued