I Want to Confirm a Parole Suitability Hearing Date

If you already received notice of an inmate’s upcoming parole suitability hearing and you want to confirm the hearing date, access the Parole Suitability Hearing Schedule. Locate the month in which the hearing is scheduled, scroll to the location of the institution and look for the inmate’s last name. If notification of the scheduled hearing was received and the inmate’s hearing date is found on the current Parole Suitability Hearing Schedule, the hearing is confirmed to go forward as scheduled. If the inmate’s name is not listed on the current Parole Suitability Hearing Schedule, the inmate’s hearing was removed from the hearing calendar and the inmate will not have a hearing.

There may be several reasons the hearing was removed from the Parole Hearing Schedule. For example, an inmate may waive his or her right to a parole hearing, or a hearing may need to be postponed for a particular reason. For more information about the parole suitability hearing process, including waivers and postponements, please see “Parole Suitability Hearings – Overview.”

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