Received Hearing Notification

If you already received notification of a prisoner’s upcoming hearing pursuant to Penal Code Section 3043(a)(1), access the Parole Hearing Schedule to determine if the hearing is on schedule before the Board of Parole Hearings (Board). Locate the month in which the hearing is scheduled, scroll to the location of the institution and look for the prisoner’s last name. If notification of the scheduled hearing was received and the prisoner’s hearing date is found on the current Parole Hearing Schedule, the hearing is confirmed to go forward as scheduled. If the prisoner’s name is not listed on the current Parole Hearing Schedule, the prisoner’s hearing was removed from the hearing calendar and the prisoner will not have a hearing.

There may be several reasons the hearing was removed from the Parole Hearing Schedule. Some of these reasons may include a prisoner waiver, where the prisoner gives up their hearing rights; a stipulation, which occurs when a prisoner admits they are not currently ready for parole consideration; or, a postponement, where the hearing is postponed by the Board due to panel unavailability; the absence or untimeliness of required notices, documents, reports, or required prisoner accommodations; or exigent circumstances such as illness of attending parties, natural disasters or institutional emergencies. Additionally, the prisoner can request a postponement to resolve matters related to the prisoner’s parole consideration. The Board will only grant postponements requested by prisoners to resolve matters related to parole consideration where the prisoner shows good cause for postponement.