Executed Inmate Summary – Alfredo Rolando Prieto

WARNING: The following crime summaries contain graphic descriptions of one or more murders and may not be suitable for all audiences.

Alfredo Rolando Prieto mugshot

Name: Prieto, Alfredo Rolando
CDC# D01019
Sex: M

  • Alias: Prieto, Alfredo Roalindo
  • Race: Hispanic
  • Date Received: 06/30/92
  • Location: Virginia Department of Corrections
  • Married: Unknown


  • County of Trial: San Bernardino
  • Sentence Date: 06/18/92
  • County of Residence: San Bernardino
  • County of Offense: San Bernardino
  • Offense Date: 09/02/90
  • Court Action: Affirmed
  • Court Date: June 16, 1992
  • Case #: RCR17825

Death sentence in California for one count of first-degree murder with the special circumstance of murder committed during the course of rape, kidnapping, robbery and attempted robbery.

Additional total California sentencing of 60 years to life, plus four consecutive life sentences stayed pending the imposition of the death Sentence for:

  • Two counts of attempted murder with a firearm
  • Two counts of robbery with a firearm
  • Two counts of attempted robbery
  • Two counts of kidnapping for robbery with a firearm
  • Two counts of forcible rape while armed with a firearm
  • One count of possession of a firearm by a felon

Victims: Yvette Woodruff, 15 (female)

Co-Defendant: None


On September 2, 1990, Ontario police officers responded to a warehouse in Ontario and encountered a mother and her 17-year-old daughter who had been robbed, kidnapped, raped, and stabbed.

The mother told police that she, her daughter, and her daughter’s 15-year-old girlfriend, Yvette Woodruff, had been robbed and kidnapped from a residence in Ontario. They were driven in the daughter’s car to an abandoned building where all three victims were raped. The mother said she and her daughter had been stabbed and Woodruff was possibly shot.

The victims accompanied the police officers to the crime scene. Woodruff was found there. Police tentatively determined she had been shot in the head. Paramedics attempted to revive her without success.

During the investigation, it was learned that Prieto and his accomplices, Danny Sorian and Vincent Lopez, used a handgun and attempted rob the occupants of a residence in Ontario.

The mother in her car had followed her daughter and Woodruff in the daughter’s car to the residence to visit friends. When they arrived, Lopez approached the mother’s vehicle and demanded the car keys from her. Lopez placed a knife against the mother’s throat, took the keys and some cash, and then removed her from the vehicle. Meanwhile, Prieto and Sorian approached the daughter’s car, robbed them of cash and placed the girls in the backseat. Lopez escorted the mother to the daughter’s car and she was also placed in the backseat. The three perpetrators occupied the front seat and drove away.

Eventually, Lopez, who was driving, stopped the vehicle and said he wanted to release the victims because they already had their car and their money. Prieto and Sorian refused. Lopez left the vehicle and Prieto and Sorian drove away with the three female victims. Sorian used a handgun to maintain control of the victims. Eventually, Prieto and Sorian picked up another accomplice, Ricardo Estrada.

When they arrived at an abandoned building, all the occupants exited the vehicle. Sorian took the mother, Estrada took the daughter and Prieto took Woodruff. All three victims were raped by their captors.

Woodruff continued to scream throughout the ordeal until the surviving victims heard one gunshot. The screaming ceased.

After the surviving victims were raped, Sorian and Estrada stabbed each victim. The mother, believing the perpetrators had fled, called out for her daughter. Sorian and Estrada returned and stabbed each victim additional times.

All three assailants got into the victim’s car and drove away. The surviving victims found Woodruff, but she did not respond to them. They fled, running barefoot for an extensive distance until they arrived at the warehouse where they located a security guard and called police.

The daughter’s vehicle was recovered in Rubidoux on September 4, 1990. The vehicle had been stripped of three tires and vandalized. Subsequent interviews with the surviving victims, various confidential telephone tips and other material resulted in the identification of the four perpetrators.

Prieto was arrested on September 6, 1990, at his residence without incident. A San Bernardino County jury found him guilty on January 21, 1992, of first-degree murder with the special circumstances of rape with force or violence, kidnapping, robbery and attempted robbery. On March 13, 1992, the jury returned a verdict of death.

Prieto was admitted to death row on June 30, 1992.


Prieto was extradited to Fairfax County, Virginia, on April 28, 2006, to stand trial for murder. He was convicted in Virginia of capital murder during a rape and received two death sentences in 2008 for two homicides that occurred in 1988.

The Virginia Department of Corrections said a press release that Prieto was executed by lethal injection by the Commonwealth of Virginia on October 1, 2015. Death was pronounced at 9:17 p.m. EST.