Inmates Executed 1978 to Present

WARNING: The following crime summaries contain graphic descriptions of one or more murders and may not be suitable for all audiences.

California Executions Since 1978

Condemned InmateDate ReceivedDate ExecutedTime on Death RowAge
Robert Alton Harris3/14/19794/21/199213 years, 1 month39
David Edwin Mason1/27/19848/24/19939 years, 7 months36
William George Bonin3/22/19822/23/199613 years, 11 months49
Keith Daniel Williams4/13/19795/3/199617 years, 1 month48
Thomas M. Thompson8/23/19847/14/199813 years, 10 months43
Jaturun Siripongs5/2/19832/9/199915 years, 9 months47
Manuel Babbitt7/15/19825/4/199916 years, 9 months50
Darrell Keith Rich1/23/19813/15/200019 years, 1 month44
Robert Lee Massie5/28/19793/27/200121 years, 10 months60
Stephen Wayne Anderson7/30/19811/29/200220 years, 6 months48
Donald Beardslee3/14/19841/19/200520 years, 10 months61
Stanley Williams4/20/198112/13/200524 years, 7 months51
Clarence Ray Allen 12/02/198201/17/200623 years, 1 month76

California Inmates Executed in Other States Since 1978

Condemned InmateDate ReceivedDate & State ExecutedTime on Death RowAge
Kelvin Malone6/22/19811/13/1999 (Missouri)15 years, 6 months37
Alfredo Rolando Prieto 6/30/199210/1/2015 (Virginia)23 years, 3 month49