Promotional Exam Bulletins

Promotional Exam Bulletins for current or former CDCR employees only. If you are a former employee you need to confirm eligibility. (Apply on or before the final filing date)

Review the Exam Bulletins listed below. Click on a classification to view the Exam Bulletin which contains salary information, the “Minimum Qualifications” required to become eligible to take the exam, as well as “How To Apply” instructions for that exam. NOTE: “How to Apply” instructions may vary so it is important to carefully read the Exam Bulletin for the classification you are interested in.

Exam BulletinsFinal Filing Date
Correctional Plant Supervisor, DOCNovember 20, 2020
Correctional Business Manager 1 & 2, DOC
Correctional Business Manager 1 Qualifications Assessment / Correctional Business Manager 2 Qualifications Assessment
December 11, 2020
Supervising Groundskeeper 2, CF / Qualifications AssessmentDecember 11, 2020

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