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The Evolution of Juvenile Justice and Probation Practices In California Report

In February 2022, the California Probation Resource Institute, a project of the Chief Probation Officers of California, commissioned the Children’s Advocacy Institute at University of San Diego School of Law to produce The Evolution of Juvenile Justice and Probation Practices: A history and review of juvenile justice as administered by county probation departments in California (1994-2019). The report examines how juvenile probation policies and practices across the state have changed over the past 25 years, and the impact this had on youth, families, and communities. Local responsibility for juvenile has increased over the past twenty-five years with policy and funding measures to incentivize and support probation departments in promoting diversion, rehabilitative programming, and positive youth development. Program evaluation suggests that the combination of policy, funding, and practice change supporting a more rehabilitative and local approach to juvenile justice has not had an adverse effect on public safety; rather, there is reason to believe this approach has enhanced public safety. The report includes information on the timeline of juvenile justice law, policy, and funding in California from 1194-2019 and how juvenile probation has changed.