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CCJBH 20th Anniversary

CCJBH New Logo

CCJBH 20th anniversary logo

The Council on Criminal Justice and Behavioral Health is proud to announce the launch of our new logo to celebrate 20 years of building bridges to prevent incarceration. The first meeting of the Council convened at the Board of Prison Terms in Sacramento on August 27, 2002. Since then, the Council has continued investigating, identifying, and promoting cost-effective strategies that prevent adults and juveniles with behavioral health needs from becoming incarcerated; identifying incentives for state and local justice and health programs to adopt such approaches; reporting activities to the legislature; and providing recommendations for improving the cost-effectiveness of existing behavioral health and criminal justice programs.

CDCR Unlocked Podcast: CCJBH Celebrates 20 Years of Serving the Justice-Involved Community

In this episode, Brenda Grealish, Executive Officer of the Council on Criminal Justice and Behavioral Health walks us through the past, present and future goals of the Council in recognition of it’s 20th anniversary.

Grealish discusses how CCJBH Councilmembers use their expertise and experiences to assist and advise the administration and legislature on ways to reduce the incarceration of youth and adults with mental illness and substance use disorders. The focus of these efforts are on prevention, diversion and reentry strategies.

Click here to listen to the podcast.