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Children and Youth Behavioral Health Initiative Stakeholder Engagement Plan

The Children and Youth Behavioral Health Initiative (CYBHI) aims to build a coordinated ecosystem promoting social emotional well-being, preventing behavioral health challenges, and providing equitable, appropriate, timely and accessible services for existing and emerging behavioral health needs. Changing the trajectories and significantly improving the social and emotional wellbeing of California’s children and youth cannot be achieved by working within one entity or sector; collaboration and working with children, youth, and families and partners is critical. CYBHI will engage stakeholders with lived and professional experience in order to:

  • Promote shared understanding and transparency of the initiative
  • Drive broad inclusive participation
  • Gather inputs, feedback, and guidance
  • Partner and empower to co-develop solutions and accelerate the initiative’s impact

The Stakeholder Engagement Plan summarizes planned engagement efforts in the near term (through May 2022) and future activities (beyond June 2022) for children, youth, and families; cross-sector and interagency partners; and community partners on the ground and in the field. Stakeholders will have opportunities to engage throughout the planning, design, and implementation of the CYBHI, on both the initiative overall and specific work stream components. Stakeholders will be engaged in a variety of ways including through listening sessions, workshops, focus groups, think tanks, surveys, and public input via email at

The CYBHI recently held a webinar to share updates on each work stream of the initiative. Here are the links to the recording and slide deck from the webinar to learn more about the CYBHI.

Visit the CYBHI website to learn more.