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CCJBH April 2023 Full Council Meeting

April 21, 2023

2:00-4:30 PM

Zoom Meeting

The Full Council Meeting will feature a presentation from the Council on State Governments (CSG) Justice Center on the Public Health Meets Public Safety data visualization, a data dashboard using publicly available data that will be published on CCJBH’s website that can be used by a variety of behavioral health and justice-involved (BH/JI) stakeholders to help inform their policy- and decision-making. See the Public Health Meets Public Safety Fact Sheet for additional information on the project.

Additionally, CCJBH staff will present on the Medi-Cal Utilization Project (MCUP) and provide a summary of the updated Medi-Cal enrollment rates for mental health and substance use disorder services utilization trends for individuals released from CDCR in FY 2019-20, comparing Medi-Cal enrollment rates and service utilization between different demographic groups, and comparing Medi-Cal enrollment rates and service utilization of the BH/JI populations to those of the general Medi-Cal population.

Subject to available time, CCJBH staff will provide project updates during the meeting.

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