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CCJBH April 2023 Full Council Meeting

April 21, 2023

2:00-4:30 PM

Zoom Meeting

The Full Council Meeting will feature a presentation from the Council on State Governments (CSG) Justice Center on the Public Health Meets Public Safety data visualization, a data dashboard using publicly available data that will be published on CCJBH’s website that can be used by a variety of behavioral health and justice-involved (BH/JI) stakeholders to help inform their policy- and decision-making. See the Public Health Meets Public Safety Fact Sheet for additional information on the project.

The Council will vote on the following topics:

  • State Lived-Experience contract
  • Local Lived Experience contract
  • Public Health Meet Public Safety contract
  • Proposal to allocate unspent CCJBH funds to UC Berkley Interagency Agreement
  • Delegating Executive Officer authority to make any administrative decisions necessary to carry out the state contracting processes for these Requests for Proposals and Service Agreements subject to Councilmember approval in the above votes.
  • Delegating Executive Officer authority to give CCJBH feedback on project proposals.
  • Nomination and vote on vice chair

Subject to available time, CCJBH staff will provide project updates during the meeting.