Feedback Emails

Feedback emails are a great way to let us know of the great things happening in your programs. The successes and problems that Volunteers and Program Providers encounter institutionally and also in your programs allow changes to occur in the process to better assist you. If you have any suggestions, that can also improve the process please let us know. Listed below are ways to provide feedback emails to the staff at the institutions or at headquarters.

Feedback Emails Example 1

To: Warden, Community Resources Manager, Self-Help Sponsor (if applicable)


I wanted to share with you an issue that we have been having with our program (name of program).

We have encountered weekly late attendance from inmates which shortens the amount of time they can spend in our program. We believe this may be from other programs releasing the inmates late which protrudes into our ability to create successful programs for them. Lately, we have experienced recently inmates arriving 30 minutes past our start time which shortens the amount of time spent with them. This issue only left us with about 15 minutes for programming.

Are there any suggestions to have inmates released in a timely manner to utilize the full hour of programming?

Please let me know if there is anything we can do on our end.

Thank you,

(Your Name)

Example 2

To: Warden, Community Resources Manager, Self-Help Sponsor (if applicable)

I just wanted to give you an update on the (name of program) program on Friday night.

Programming began immediately and had 24 program participants attend. One of the participants played the guitar and led the worship, and everyone had a great time. Besides a power outage occurring which interrupted our program, the occurrence did not deviate the evening from being a success. Despite a power outage occurring which shortened our program, the evening was a success. Officer Smith was particularly helpful in communicating what had occurred and was very professional in dealing with myself and the inmates.

Thanks for all your support and assistance in making this a great program.

(Your Name)