Renewal Process

Volunteers and Program Providers are required to annually submit a tuberculosis screening (CDCR Form 7336 and CDCR form 7354) and documentation of the eight completed annual training listed below to complete the renewal process. This renewal occurs both at the institution level and also with a statewide gate clearance. All other forms in the volunteer application packet will be updated as necessary.

Renewal Process Required Documents

If the following forms are needed, please email the Community Partnerships Unit inbox at

CDCR Form 7354 Tuberculosis Infectious Free Staff Certification

CDCR Form 7336 Employee Tuberculin Skin Test (TST) and Evaluation

Completion certificates of the following training modules:

Video Modules

  • Communicable Disease Prevention (Approximately 30 Minutes)
  • Inmate/Staff Relations (Approximately 30 Minutes)
  • Emergency Operations (Approximately 1 Hour)
  • Equal Employment Opportunity and Sexual Harassment Prevention (Approximately 45 Minutes)

On-the-job Training Courses for Self-study

  • Prison Rape Elimination Act (Approximately 1 Hour)
  • Information Practices Act (Approximately 1 Hour)
  • Fire Prevention and Life Safety (Approximately 30 Minutes)
  • Tuberculosis Testing Self-Education (Approximately 1 Hour)

Volunteer Training Website Information

CDCR Volunteer Training_ext_s – Home (

If you are unable to access the link above, please reach out to a Community Resource Manager to receive the necessary permissions.

Letter of Appreciation to Program Service Providers

Located below is an expression of gratitude to our Volunteers and Program Providers from Secretary Allison for all of the hard work taken into account to get programs up and running once again.

Renewal Process Letter of Appreciation