Volunteer and Program Providers

Upon approval Volunteer and Program Providers are provided an escorted gate clearance to enter institutional grounds. Volunteers and Program Providers may obtain an unescorted gate clearance and Volunteer Identification Card upon approval and regular service to the inmate population. The Warden or designee will determine the Volunteer Identification Card Status. Each institution must renew all Volunteer and Program Providers access daily. The various statuses for Volunteers and Program Providers at the institution level is listed below.

Outside Guests

Provide services on a temporary or infrequent basis. These individuals include the following:

  • Guest speakers associated with community based organizations
  • Those who volunteer their talents for entertainment purposes
  • Or participate in an athletic event
  • They may also include those who have been approved to observe or monitor such events

Provisional Volunteers or Program Providers

Provide escorted service subject to performance evaluation review. Volunteers and Program Providers may have provisional status at one institution and regular status at another at the Warden’s discretion

Regular Volunteer or Program Providers

Those who provide services on an ongoing basis and have completed a minimum of six months of evaluation provisionally. Generally, under indirect supervision, regular Volunteers and Program Providers provide services and are subject to performance requirements and evaluations.

In accordance with Department Operations Manual, Chapter 10, Article 9, Section 101090.6.3.D.4, regular Volunteers or Program Providers may allowed limited unescorted access to their programming area with the use of their Volunteer Identification Card.

A volunteer or program provider seeking regular status who provides services at multiple institutions shall complete a six month evaluation period at each institution, unless otherwise approved by the Warden at the specific institution.

Volunteer Mentors

Volunteer mentors are approved regular volunteers that have been approved by the Warden to provide ongoing rehabilitative guidance and support to one or more inmates by assisting their successful re-entry into the community through personal correspondence.