GARE Diversity Calendar

April 2022

4/2 Purple star icon World Autism Awareness Day
4/2 Red bar icon Ramadan begins (Islam)
4/2 Blue circle Equal Pay Day
4/5 Green Triangle icon Birthday of Booker T. Washington (Early Dominant Leader)
4/6 Red bar icon National Tartan Day (Scottish)
4/7 Purple star icon World Health Day (UN)
4/8 Red bar icon Laylat al-Qadr (Islam)
4/10 Red bar icon Palm Sunday (Christian)
4/10 Green Triangle icon Dolores Huerta Day
4/14 Red bar icon Holy Thursday (Christian)
4/10 Red bar icon Ram Naumi
4/14 Red bar icon Vaisakhi (Sikh)
4/15 Red bar icon Passover (Jewish)
4/15 Red bar icon Good Friday (Christian)
4/16 Red bar icon Theravadin New Year (Buddhist)
4/16 Blue circle Emancipation Day
4/17 Red bar icon Easter (Christian)
4/18 Red bar icon Guru Angad Dev Birthday (Sikh)
4/20 Red bar icon Start of Rivdan (Baha’i)
4/22 Purple star icon Earth Day
4/23 Blue circle National Day of Silence (LGBTQIAA+)
4/27 Red bar icon Yom Hashoah (Jewish)
4/28 Purple star icon World Day for Safety and Health at Work
4/28 Blue circle Gathering of Nations begins (Native American)
4/30 Red bar icon Ramadan Ends (Islam)
4/30 Blue circle Gathering of Nations (ends)

Color Shape Key

Green Triangle icon Green Triangle – Diversity Leaders’ Birthdays
Blue circle Blue Circle – United States Holidays
Red bar icon Red Bar – Religious / Cultural Holidays
Purple star icon Purple Star- International Holidays
black square Black Square – Equinoxes