Path Forward

CDCR and CCHCS launched a joint effort to support our workforce with a platform of engagement.

This path forward will provide our workforce with the strategies and tools to challenge prior concepts of who we are and further advance concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This is not a trend or an immediate response to unprecedented times. This is the embodiment of our core values: service, leadership, integrity, accountability, respect, trust, and collaboration.

Engaging Our Leaders

The DEI Q&A Panel with Executive Management was attended by CDCR’s GARE Ambassadors. CDCR leaders shared their frank and honest answers about how to talk about DEI in a thoughtful way, the importance of DEI in the hiring process, and how ongoing engagement is key to keeping these principles at the forefront of all CDCR efforts.

Engaging our Staff

The GARE Web Series was attended by CDCR’s GARE Ambassadors. CDCR Employees share their experience to highlight and celebrate diversity and the contributions of Women in Corrections.