GARE Diversity Calendar

August 2023

8/4 Green Triangle icon Barack Obama Birthday (US 1st Black President)
8/7 Blue circle Purple Heart Day
8/9 Purple star icon International Day of the World’s Indigenous People (UN)
8/13 Purple star icon Left Handers Day
8/13 Red bar icon Obon (Buddhist)
8/15 Red bar icon Feast of the Assumption (Christian)
8/17 Green Triangle icon Marcus Garvey Day
8/19 Purple star icon World Humanitarian Day
8/21 Purple star icon Senior Citizens Day
8/21 Red bar icon Nag Panchami (Hindu)
8/22 Purple star icon International Day Commemorating the Victims of Acts of Violence Based on Religion or Belief
8/23 Purple star icon International Day for the remembrances of the Slave Trade and Its Abolition
8/24 Green Triangle icon Marlee Matlin Day (People with Disabilities)
8/26 Purple star icon Women’s Equality Day
8/30 Red bar icon Raksha Bandhan (Hindu)
8/30 Red bar icon Al-Hijri (Islamic)

Color Shape Key

Green Triangle icon Green Triangle – Diversity Leaders’ Birthdays
Blue circle Blue Circle – United States Holidays
Red bar icon Red Bar – Religious / Cultural Holidays
Purple star icon Purple Star- International Holidays
black square Black Square – Equinoxes