GARE Diversity Calendar

December 2022

12/1 Purple star icon Worlds Aid Day
12/3 Purple star icon International Day of Persons with Disabilities
12/5 Purple star icon International Volunteer Day
12/7 Blue circle Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
12/8 Red bar icon Bodhi Day (Buddhist)
12/9 Purple star icon Genocide Prevention Day
12/10 Purple star icon International Human Rights Day
12/12 Red bar icon Our Lady of Guadalupe- Feast Day (Christian)
12/16 Red bar icon Las Posadas begins (Mexican)
12/18 Red bar icon Hanukkah begins at Sunset (Jewish)
12/18 Purple star icon International Migrants Day
12/21 Red bar icon Yule Winter Solstice (Pagan)
12/24 Red bar icon Las Posadas ends (Mexican)
12/25 Blue circle Christmas
12/26 Red bar icon Kwanzaa begins
12/26 Red bar icon Hanukkah ends at Nightfall (Jewish)
12/31 Blue circle New Year’s Eve

Color Shape Key

Green Triangle icon Green Triangle – Diversity Leaders’ Birthdays
Blue circle Blue Circle – United States Holidays
Red bar icon Red Bar – Religious / Cultural Holidays
Purple star icon Purple Star- International Holidays
black square Black Square – Equinoxes