June 2021 DEI Q&A Discussion with CDCR/CCHCS Leaders

CDCR’s GARE Steering Committee hosted a videoconference panel with CDCR Directors Connie Gipson (Division of Adult Institutions), Guillermo Viera Rosa (Division of Parole Operations), and Brant Choate (Division of Rehabilitative Programs). These executives shared their thoughts on how putting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) front and center at CDCR help us best serve our employees and communities.

To learn more about future events, and about how you can become a GARE Ambassador, email GARE@cdcr.ca.gov.

1st Question:

How do you approach improving diversity in recruitment and hiring in your respective areas to ensure underrepresented groups have the same opportunities for management and leadership positions? What efforts are already underway and how are you measuring improvement and success in your efforts?

2nd Question:

Can you provide some guidance on how to have the difficult conversations (DEI) with other staff including management/leadership? What actions can employees take in the field to support DEI — tools, coaching, training, etc.? What resources are currently available do you recommend, and which have you personally participated in (LMS training, implicit bias resources, etc.)?

3rd Question:

How can employees combat racism, sexism, etc. in the workplace? What role do you envision the GARE ambassadors having in addressing it? How do we include custody staff in this important role?