GARE Diversity Calendar

February 2022

2/1 Red bar icon Lunar New Year (Year of Tiger)
2/1 Blue circle National Freedom Day
2/3 Red bar icon Korean New Year
2/4 Green Triangle icon Rosa Parks Day
2/6 Purple star icon International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation
2/11 Green Triangle icon Birthday of Frederick Douglass (Black American leader)
2/12 Blue circle Lincoln’s Birthday
2/12 Purple star icon International Day of Action on Women’s Health
2/14 Blue circle Valentine’s Day
2/14 Green Triangle icon Frederick Douglas Day
2/15 Green Triangle icon Birthday of Susan B. Anthony (Women’s suffrage Leader)
2/15 Red bar icon Nirvana Day (Buddist)
2/15 Purple star icon International Childhood Cancer Day
2/20 Purple star icon World Day of Social Justice
2/21 Blue circle President’s Day Washington’s Birthday
2/21 Purple star icon International Mother Language Day

Color Shape Key

Green Triangle icon Green Triangle – Diversity Leaders’ Birthdays
Blue circle Blue Circle – United States Holidays
Red bar icon Red Bar – Religious / Cultural Holidays
Purple star icon Purple Star- International Holidays
black square Black Square – Equinoxes