GARE Diversity Calendar

June 2023

6/1 Purple star icon Global Day of Parents
6/2 Blue circle Indian Citizenship Act of 1924 (Native American)
6/5 Purple star icon World Environment Day
6/11 Blue circle Race Unity Day
6/11 Blue circle National Puerto Rican Day Parade
6/11 Blue circle National Children’s Day
6/12 Blue circle Loving Day (Interracial Marriage anniversary)
6/16 Red bar icon Martyrdom of Guru Arjan (Sikh)
6/18 Purple star icon International Day for Countering Hate Speech
6/19 Blue circle Father’s Day
6/19 Blue circle Juneteenth
6/20 Blue circle World Refugee Day
6/21 Blue circle Summer Solstice
6/21 Red bar icon Litha, Summer Solstice (Pagan)
6/23 Purple star icon UN Public Service Day
6/27 Green Triangle icon Helen Keller Day (Disability Rights Activist)
6/28 Blue circle Christopher Street Liberation Day (Anniversary of Stonewall Riots/LGBT Civil Rights Movement)
6/29 Red bar icon Eid-al-Adha (Islam)

Color Shape Key

Green Triangle icon Green Triangle – Diversity Leaders’ Birthdays
Blue circle Blue Circle – United States Holidays
Red bar icon Red Bar – Religious / Cultural Holidays
Purple star icon Purple Star- International Holidays
black square Black Square – Equinoxes