LGBTQIA+ Resources

GARE established this webpage of LGBTQIA+ resources to share with employees and their family. The commitment of CDCR and CCHCS is to be LGBTQIA+ friendly and supportive of all individuals in our communities, both inside and outside prisons.

LGBTQIA+ is an inclusive term that includes people of all genders and sexualities, such as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer, intersex, asexual, pansexual, and allies. While each letter in LGBTQIA+ stands for a specific group of people, the term encompasses the entire spectrum of gender fluidity and sexual identities.

California Resources

CDPH LGBT Health logo

California Department of Public Health – LGBTQIA+ Health

CDPH has resources available that can assist you in determining what screenings are necessary at each stage of life and to understand which health issues impact the LGBTQIA+ community most often. These resources will provide you with the tools you need to be the healthiest you, at every phase of life. 

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California LGBTQ Health and Human Services Network logo

California LGBTQIA+ Health and Human Services Network

A statewide coalition of non-profit providers, community centers, and researchers working collectively to advocate for state level policies and resources that will advance LGBTQIA+ health. California LGBTQIA+ Health and Human Services Network strives to provide coordinated leadership about LGBTQIA+ health policy in a proactive, responsive manner that promotes health and wellness as part of the movement for LGBTQIA+ equality.

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Center Link logo

Center Link – Community of LGBTQIA+ Centers

Serves local and regional communities. The mission is to strengthen, support, and connect LGBTQIA+ community centers. Currently there are over 290 member LGBTQIA+ centers worldwide providing essential services, promoting growth, wellness, and connectivity in their communities.

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California Community Colleges LGBTQ Resource Guide logos

California Community Colleges – LGBTQIA+ Resource Guide

Provides available resources to community college students statewide.

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UCnet logo

University of California – LGBTQIA+ Resource Centers

Offer programs and services to enhance community and provide support for LGBTQIA+ faculty, staff, students, and alumni.

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Nationwide Resources

TCOPS logo

Transgender Community of Police & Sheriffs

First and foremost a peer-support group. We also educate law enforcement, public safety organizations, and individuals on issues relating to gender identity and gender transition in the workplace.

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CDC LGBTQ Youth Resources

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Health

Offers resources from the CDC, other government agencies, and community organizations for LGBTQIA+ Youth, their friends, educators, parents, and family members to support positive environments.

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SAGE Advocacy and Services logo

SAGE Advocacy and Services for LGBTQIA+ Elders

SAGE is a national organization that offers supportive services and consumer resources to LGBTQIA+ older people and their caregivers.

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Suicide Prevention Hotline logo

LGBTQIA+ Suicide Prevention Hotline

Offers information and resources for yourself and to help support loved ones who identify as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community.

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Top Health Issues for LGBTQIA+ Populations Information & Resource Kit

Presents an overview of current health issues among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBTQIA+) populations. This kit aims to create awareness among prevention specialists and healthcare providers of the needs, experiences, and health status of LGBTQIA+ Americans.

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Free Courses & Training

CALHR logo

Gender Identity and Workplace Inclusion

Gender identity and inclusion from the CALHR California Leads 2021 Conference.

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