Green Building Operations

CDCR’s pioneering strategies to enhance its green building operations


California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s emphasis on building “green” has carried through into its operations. The Department has established a number of green practices throughout its facilities, from improved waste diversion and enhanced waste reduction and recycling to maintenance methods aimed at  improving indoor air quality such as enhanced filtration, establishing less toxic methods to control pests though integrated pest management practices, and utilizing environmentally preferred purchasing methods for typical purchases such as office supplies and cleaning products to ensure goods and services meet stringent standards. Planned installations of electric vehicle charging stations will enable some staff to use emission-free vehicles in their daily commutes that, when combined with onsite renewable generation, will help to improve onsite air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  

Chapter 5: Green Operations of CDCR’s Sustainability Roadmap

Our Goals:

  • Establish Sustainability Coordinators at each of CDCR’s state-owned institutions. The Sustainability Coordinator’s role is to work with CDCR’s Energy and Sustainability Section to increase green operational practices.
  • Develop sustainable opportunities in daily operations and further promote sustainability initiatives such as; on-site renewable energy, purchased renewable energy, renewable diesel, environmentally preferable purchasing and integrated pest management.
  • Increase the visibility of CDCR’s sustainability program by developing newsletters, posters, SharePoint sites, etc.

State Resources and Guidance Documents