Division of Adult Parole Operations, Law Enforcement Operations

Kings County parole compliance sweep nets guns and drugs

Men and women in uniform.
From left are Parole Agents M. Deleon, K. Mangayo, M. Sturkey, J. Rodriguez, (back row), C. Hamilton, G. Capozzi, E. Andrada. and ISU Officers B. Cota, and R. Ayala-Angeles.

Multi-agency compliance searches were conducted in the cities of Hanford, Lemoore and Corcoran earlier this year. 

The searches were to ensure that parolees living in Kings County are in compliance with their parole conditions. The Southern Parole District conducted 35 comprehensive searches resulting in nine parolee arrests and one non-parolee arrest.

Agents recovered one Glock 19 handgun, various components to construct assault rifles, ammunition, drug paraphernalia and marijuana that was packaged for sale with baggies and scales. 

Agents also arrested parolees for violations such as the possession of pornography, use of controlled substances and possession of simulated firearms. All of the arrested parolees were booked into the Kings County Jail and some faced new criminal charges. 

Money, guns, ammunition and drugs are displayed.
The haul from a multi-agency compliance sweep.