Appointments and Promotions, Division of Adult Parole Operations

Agents celebrate promotions in Northern Parole Region

Men in uniform carry flags. The banner on the wall behind them says State Parole Agent and Division of Adult Parole Operations.
Correctional Training Center Honor Guard presents colors.

On May 24 at the Stockton Parole Office, a ceremony was held to recognize and celebrate the recent promotions within the Delta and Southern Parole Districts in the Northern Parole Region.

The posting of colors was performed by the Richard A. McGee Correctional Training Center Color Guard while the National Anthem was sung by Andrea Thorpe of Mule Creek State Prison.

Recipients received a promotional certificate, ceremonial promotional badge, and a State Assembly proclamation of recognition. State Assembly members who contributed were Vince Fong, State Assembly member District 34, Bakersfield; Susan Talamantes Eggman, State Assembly member District 13, Stockton; and Adam C Gray, State Assembly member District 21, Ceres/Merced. Also in attendance were San Joaquin County Sheriff Patrick Withrow and Captain Keith Rakoncza of the Stanislaus Sheriffs Department.

As part of the Division of Adult Parole Operations’ Succession Development Program and CDCR’s Succession Management Program, it is important to support and recognize the future leaders of the Agency.

Lead organizers of the event were Gina Garcia, Parole Services Associate (PSA); and Derrick Carraway, Parole Administrator.