Community Involvement

Families learn about Corcoran prison

Children and parents look into a roped-off area.
Children watch a demonstration put on by prison staff.

By Lt. Edward Sanchez

On May 16, California State Prison, Corcoran, held its first Family Night. Families were allowed to enter the inner perimeter to see the visiting area, education class rooms, program offices, medical offices, gymnasium, kitchen and all support areas of Facility 3B. 

At the end of the tour of the facility, the In Service Training (IST) Department coordinated an Alarm Response Drill by setting up a staged fight between custody staff members dressed in Prison Orange jumpsuits. 

Facility 3B Responding staff set up formations and disbursed Chemical Agents (dummy rounds) to give the visitors a visual of what their loved ones must do when responding to a dangerous situation on the facility. 

The visitors were very focused on the drill and had many questions for all staff involved including medical who set up a triage area to treat the injured. 

After the tour the visitors were treated to a barbecue in the park provided by the California Correctional Peace Officers Association (CCPOA) along with demonstrations from the K-9 unit, Fire Department, Crisis Response Team, Investigative Services Unit, Education, Medical Department and Central Transportation Hub. There was also a bike and car show. 

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) monetary donation also assisted in providing a bounce house for the younger crowd who could not enter the perimeter.

This was a coordinated effort to safely process 186 visitors into and out of the institution without incident. Everyone who participated said they had a great time, including various vendors who donated their time and products.

Four smiling women sit and stand around a table.
Staff work the registration table at Corcoran prison’s first Family Day.