CHCF Father’s Day event bolsters inmate‑to‑family link

An inmate receives a platter from a woman wearing white.
Inmates and their families were treated to a Father's Day Dinner on June 15 at CHCF.

By Lieutenant O. Ratliff

The California Health Care Facility (CHCF) hosted their third annual Father’s Day Dinner on Saturday,
June 15. The dinner is a way for staff to promote positive programming and community relations.

According to organizers, it was a great success for all inmates, visitors and staff involved. This event celebrates the bond of fathers of the inmates and the inmates’ adult children. In order to qualify to participate in the event, each inmate must pass a strict disciplinary review.  

All approved inmates were disciplinary-free for a minimum of two years and are involved in self-help programs. In all, 19 inmates and 28 approved visitors attended the dinner, prepared by CHCF’s culinary staff.

While eating, inmates and their visitors enjoyed music provided by the institution’s “No Name Band.”

Acting Warden Laura Eldridge spoke to the attendees of the Father’s Day Dinner. She acknowledged the hard work and positive programming of the inmates in attendance and thanked the families for their continued support.

The special dinner’s menu included prime rib or baked chicken, rice pilaf, green bean almondine, baked potato, green salad, peach shortcake, dinner rolls and beverages.