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CDCR Recruitment Services Unit reports successful efforts

A bus with the words " and Join CDCR Today" to help recruitment efforts.
New non-custody recruitment efforts including advertising on public transit.

From workshops to advertising, the CDCR Office of Workforce Planning’s Recruitment Services Unit (RSU) is hard at work behind the scenes.

Of their efforts, the most successful recruitment events are the institution one-day hiring workshops. RSU coordinated the first workshop in February 2018 and to date, have held 11 workshops at institutions statewide. 

These workshops benefit candidates by providing them with a step-by-step walk-through of the State hiring process. Candidates have the opportunity for touring institutions, creating CalCareer accounts, completing qualifications assessments, and interviewing on the same day. 

The most recent hiring workshop held at California Health Care Facility on June 20, 2019, resulted in 237 attendees, which is the highest number of participants to date. There have been a total of 121 hires made within 90 days of the workshops. 

In addition to the hiring workshops, RSU coordinates public job fairs throughout the State, in collaboration with various CDCR programs such as Division of Adult Institutions; Facility Planning, Construction and Management; and the Division of Rehabilitative Programs. Recently, RSU shared a booth with Office of Peace Officer Selection at the California State Fair.

The most recent RSU outreach is by transit advertising. This was installed on three Redding Area Bus Authority (RABA) buses that are actively traveling through Northern California. Not only does this provide outreach for Northern California facilities, this also will be viewable to the local area where impacted Camp Fire victims are located. Many of them may be seeking employment.

What is RSU?

Established in 2017, the RSU coordinates and attends recruitment events with the goal of filling hard-to-recruit non-custody vacancies. Since its formation, there have been numerous hires made and phenomenal growth in eligibility lists statewide. 

Interested applicants can apply online at

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