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CSP‑Los Angeles County staff honor fallen Fire Captain and firefighter

Men stand near wreaths and a folded flag.
LAC Chief Deputy Warden D. Ulstad, left, and Warden (A) RC Johnson.

By Lt. Karla Graves

Plaque with names of fallen firefighters and the words "Fire In, Last Out."
A memorial dedicated to two who died in 2009 can be seen at the park in Acton. A ceremony was held there at the end of August.

Warden (A) RC Johnson and Chief Deputy Warden D. Ulstad of California State Prison, Los Angeles County, along with other agencies, attended the Los Angeles County Fire Department Memorial Dedication Honoring Fire Captain Tedmund “Ted” Hall and Fire Fighter Specialist Arnaldo “Arnie” Quinones on Aug. 28 in Acton.

On Aug. 30, 2009, Captain T. Hall and Fire Fighter Specialist A. Quinones were working at the Los Angeles County Fire Department Mount Gleason Fire Camp 16 along with CDCR inmate firefighters, when they were killed in the line of duty, during a fire.

Their emergency response vehicle fell 800 feet into a canyon during fire suppression activities protecting Camp 16 in the City of Palmdale.

Captain Hall served as an Engineer for 12 years at various locations, including Fire Stations 149, 165, 90, Camp 2 and Camp 11. He promoted to Fire Captain in January 2001, and served at Fire Stations 73, 11 and 33. His last assignment was Camp 16 in the Palmdale region.

Quinones promoted to the rank of Firefighter Specialist in December 2005, at which time he joined the crew at Camp 16. It was his last assignment.