Community Involvement, Rehabilitation

Children visit incarcerated dads at CCI

Children on the right and inmate fathers on the left stand in front of prison walls
Place 4 Grace facilitators instruct children and their fathers about the drum ceremony.

Lt. Elias Garcia

California Correctional Institution (CCI) recently participated in its first experience with Place 4 Grace’s Camp Grace.  CCI Facility C, a Preferred Programming Facility (PPF) level 3 facility, had eight qualifying inmates who chose to participate. 

Kids eat cotton candy.
Children enjoy cotton candy at Camp Grace at CCI.

These fathers were united with their children all week to participate in scheduled activities, games and having the opportunity to parent their child one on one.

These incarcerated individuals stepped out of their prison roles and into the role of a father.  All week long these dads helped with homework and the daily activities brought father and child closer together. 

One father said it was a wonderful feeling to tell his child, “see you tomorrow.”

The staff at CCI greeted the children and facilitators warmly and openly. 

The program has many incentives to the inmate population to positively program.

To participate in a program such as this, an inmate must be disciplinary free for at least a year. That year without disciplinary action also reduces the amount of stress between staff and the inmate population.

Learn more about Place 4 Grace (may not be available on a CDCR computer).

Kids and adults stand in front of a banner that says Welcome to Camp Grace.
A Camp Grace welcome poster awaited children at CCI’s Facility C.