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The Upward Mobility Program

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The Upward Mobility Unit works to help employees in certain eligible classifications to promote.

Learning opportunities for employees

Did you know CDCR has a program dedicated to offering dynamic learning and growth opportunities for employees? The Upward Mobility Program (UMP) unit offers assistance to eligible employees in certain classifications who have demonstrated knowledge, skills and abilities that would allow them to advance to higher-paying technical, professional and administrative classifications.

Learn more about UMP in this video, by checking out the UMP page on the CDCR Intranet, or at

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Tony Subia

Have you been in your current entry-level classification for a few years or more wondering, “How can I move around in the Department? What are the resources available to me for career planning and mobility?”

Hi. I’m Tony Subia, and my own career path is an example of how one can start in the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation as a student assistant, and through dedication and hard work, serve as a Staff Services Manager II in the Advanced Learning Institute and Employee Development Programs Unit.

There is a solution and a formal program that specializes in providing career advancement assistance.

The Upward Mobility Program, or UMP.

The UMP will provide resources to help explore career opportunities and assist participants in career development.

Leslie Matthews

Hi, I am Leslie Matthews and I am the UMP Coordinator for CDCR.

Congratulations on researching the tools and resources available to you to assist with advancing your career.

The UMP is mandated in all state departments by Government Code Section 19401.

The law specified certain classifications that are eligible to participate as noted on the screen.

Anyone working in one of the specified classifications may apply to the UMP if they are a permanent employee in CDCR; have completed probation in CDCR; are in compliance with organizational requirements, including code of conduct, mandatory training, and attendance requirements.

For those who do not meet the criteria for participation, please note that all resources developed for the UMP are available on the Internet and the Intranet.

The purpose of the UMP is to provide participants with various tools and resources to develop themselves for possible advancement to higher-paying technical, professional, and administrative classifications.

These are also known as TPA classifications. Tony will now explain how it all works.


This services provided by UMP staff include career counseling, assistance with applications, resumes, cover letters ,and Statements of Qualifications, or SOQs, mock interviews, and career development resources.

Expectations of the UMP participants include exhibit a willingness to promote; set personal development goals to meet the minimum qualifications, or MQs, of a TPA classification within a two-year period; search and apply for exams; keep your state application and resume updated; be proactive and open to feedback and suggestions; and understand that participating in the UMP does not guarantee a promotion.

Employees accepted into the UMP will receive a welcome packet and be contacted by UMP staff to schedule a consultation to discuss their upward mobility goals and expectations.

The employee, their direct supervisor, and the UMP staff, all have roles to play in administering UMP efforts.

However, the ultimate responsibility in achieving career goals rests with the employee.

Leslie will let you know how to get started.


If you meet the criteria noted and are interested in the UMP program, please complete CDCR 2040, Upward Mobility Program Application and Career Development Plan, a fillable PDF form available on the Intranet.

Consult with your supervisor regarding realistic goals and have them sign the CDCR 2040.

Scan, then email the form to the UMP at Those with limited or no email access may fax to (9126) 255-0557.

All interested and eligible employees will receive equal consideration for the UMP.

Other factors that may be considered: funding and other resources available; the employee’s goal is relevant to the UMP guiding regulations; and the availability of UMP participant slots.

It is the policy of CDCR to provide equal employment opportunities and appropriate tools to facilitate upward movement for all eligible employees.

CDCR is committed to the UMP including the support of individual efforts to advance to higher classifications.

We hope that you will take advantage of the program that has been designed to assist you in your career mobility and advancement.