Community Involvement, Division of Adult Parole Operations

Parole agent listens to teens’ concerns

Men and women in uniform sit on a stage under the words Student Voices Est. 2018.
Parole Agent McCowan joined other law enforcement personnel to listen to the concerns of local students.

Capitol District Parole Agent Michael McCowan recently attended Student Voices along with other local law enforcement agencies and community organizations. 

“I was given the opportunity to sit down at a table with eight bright young students who entrusted me with their deepest thoughts and concerns that are troubling them in the community,” Agent McCowan said.

Student Voices allowed members of law enforcement to see a side of the community through the youth’s eyes. The Sept. 25 event was held at Foothill High School in Sacramento.

Several local community organizations participated such as Twin Rivers School District, Liberty Towers Church, Crime Pays, Sacramento Police Department, Sacramento Sheriff’s Department, Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office, and the Sacramento County Public Defender’s Office along with the Division of Adult Parole Operations.

Man in uniform surrounded by those from the school.
Agent McCowan with students and Foothill High School Principal Mrs. King