Secretary's Corner

Secretary Diaz thanks CDCR’s peace officers

CDCR shoulder patch.
CDCR peace officers help maintain public safety.
Man in red tie smiles while looking at the camera.
CDCR Secretary Ralph Diaz.

On this Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, I’d like to extend my sincere appreciation to the fine peace officers who work so hard every day to keep this Department and California safe.

In a Department that is ever-evolving, your contributions to maintaining safety and security are invaluable. I know that you give your all to this important work, including long nights, weekends, and holidays. I am so grateful to you and your loved ones for your sacrifices. 

As we move even more toward a model of rehabilitation and successful reentry, I want to emphasize that this will not happen without you. Whether you work in an institution, in parole, with the Office of Correctional Safety, or in a regional office or headquarters, you are playing an active role in implementing the mission of this Department. This takes the form of ensuring people arrive to their programs on time, that their medical needs are addressed, and that the environment in which this work happens is peaceful. I also know that the informal work you do in mentoring and encouraging offenders plays a tremendous role in their rehabilitative journey. 

Every day you set the example for our incarcerated population and those on parole of professionalism, leadership, and excellence. I know you don’t hear “thank you” enough, if at all. So from myself and my executive team: thank you. I am humbled every day to lead a department of such dedicated, talented people committed to a safer California for all.

Thank you for your service,

Ralph M. Diaz