Prison Health Care

SATF reopens two revamped health care clinics

A woman holds scissors to cut a ribbon while two others watch.
SATF Chief Deputy Warden Theresa Cisneros, Chief Executive Officer Clarence Cryer and Kathy Mendoza-Powers, Retired Annuitant, Retired Warden, cut the ribbon for SATF’s newly reopened B yard clinic.

By Tina Lawrence
Health Program Manager III

On Dec. 20, 2019, the Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison at Corcoran (SATF) celebrated the reopening of two health care clinics. The renovations were part of the Health Care Facility Improvement Project, a concerted effort by staff throughout the institution, Regional Office and Headquarters staff, and inmates.  

The great teamwork, similar to “taking a village,” was a heavy and complex multi-year lift to ready the clinics to provide optimal medical, mental health and dental services to patients. The project also demonstrated the common elements of both CDCR’s and CCHCS’s mission statements:  the provision of safe and effective strategies to prepare offenders for eventual success in our communities.

Prison staff stand before a building inside a prison.
The SATF B Yard medical clinic is open.
People stand in front of a newly reopened prison medical clinic.
The A Yard clinic is ready for use.