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Over 150 attend DRP statewide conference

Large group of people pose in front of the California State Seal.
There were 150 participants at the DRP Statewide Conference in Galt..

By Capt. Arnel Bona
DRP, Region 1, In-Prison Programs

From Dec. 10-12, 2019, the Division of Rehabilitative Programs (DRP) hosted its statewide conference at the Richard A. McGee Correctional Training Center in Galt.

Over 150 staff participated in the three-day DRP conference. They included Correctional Counselor III, Correctional Counselor II (Specialist) and Parole Service Associate classifications. The Division of Adult Institutions, California Correctional Health Care Services and California Prison Industry Authority also attended to collaborate on the Integrated Substance Use Disorder Treatment being implemented at all institutions and facilities.

The VIP guest speakers included CDCR Secretary Ralph Diaz; Connie Gipson, Director of the Division of Adult Institutions; Brant Choate, Director of DRP, and DRP Deputy Directors Ryan Souza and Kevin Hoffman.

The conference started with an employee recognition presentation in which a select group of staff were awarded with a Certificate and Letter of Appreciation signed by the Agency Secretary.

Two men hold certificates. They pose with a third man in front of the California State Seal.
Shawn Rocha, left, and Steve Smith, right, pose for a photo with CDCR Secretary Ralph Diaz.

DRP staff included:

  • CCIII Steve Smith, CMC
  • CCIII Shawn Rocha, CSP-COR
  • CCIII Lawrence Sandoval, CIM
  • CCIII Eric Grout, FWF
  • CCIII Derek Minnatee, CHCF
  • CCIII Jennifer Cota, PVSP
  • SSMIII Kevin Wortell
  • SSMI Kimberlee Johnson, DRP HQ
  • AGPA Timothy Weeks, DRP HQ

DRP Director awarded staff from DRP, DAI, and PIA for their contributions to the ISUDT working groups. The collaborative staff include:

  • AW Chantel Quint, DAI HQ
  • CCIII Margarita Thorpe, CIW
  • CCIII Rich Toso, FSP
  • CCIII David Carter, CCI
  • CCIII Kimberly Chu, CSP-SOL
  • CCIII Byron Davis, SCC
  • CCIII Ian Palmer, CMF
  • CCIII Carrie Critchlow, CCWF
  • CCIII Art Buitron, VSP
  • CCIII Alex Pacillas, NKSP
  • CCIII Russell Tuman, ASP
  • CCIII Jeff Reed, CSP-SAC
  • CCIII Bret Cornelison, CCC
  • CCII Juston Montano, CSP-SOL
  • Cheryl Campoy, PIA HQ

The DRP Director recognized the Pelican Bay State Prison DRP Team as the Outstanding Unit of the Year.  The following DRP staff are:

  • CCIII Shara Soderlund
  • CCII Tomas Hutzell
  • PSA Jennifer Tweed

The DRP Director also recognized the following DRP staff for their contributions to the CAL Identification Team working group:

  • Stephanie Ordenez, SATF
  • Alison Diaz, MCCF-DV
  • Jennifer Beckett, PVSP
  • Ana Hernandez, CSP-COR
  • Troy Perry, FWF
  • Sarah Mata, VSP
  • Alyssa Serafin, LAC
  • Kathy Wang, DVI
  • Ramiro Plascencia, CEN
  • Susan Valentin, SCC
  • Patrick Vinfrido, RJD
  • Sheila Farley, CMC
  • Luzmaria Belk, WSP
  • Jeanne Branch, MCSP
  • David Morris, CSP-SOL