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CCC kindness act ripples through community

An act of kindness by prison staff is a new car for a person in need.
Donna Hinkle was surprised by her coworkers at CCC when they purchased her a newer vehicle.

Although 2020 has been difficult, one act of kindness made by numerous current and former Investigative Services Unit (ISU) staff changed the life of one very important person.

Office Technician Donna Hinkle has been employed at the California Correctional Center (CCC) for 14 years, many assigned to ISU. According to coworkers, she is humble, hardworking, and a great role model for others. Her peers and supervisors hold her in a high regard, which was displayed through a great act of kindness.

Coworkers learned Hinkle travels long distances providing food to those in need on a regular basis, in a Subaru with an excess of 300,000 miles. She also uses the vehicle for commuting. To help, ISU Officers D. Plummer and G. Schmidt came up with a plan to purchase their coworker a newer car.

The plan quickly came together and many current and former ISU staff pitched in to ensure she received a car that would fulfill her needs and provide the comforts she deserves.

In July, soon after arriving for work, Hinkle was surprised with a 2018 Subaru Outback Limited Edition. She was extremely grateful.

Acts of kindness such as this have ripple effects throughout the community, including helping Hinkle with her volunteer mission to help the hungry.

By Capt. Charlene Ruggiero

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