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Wellness challenge accepted at WSP‑RC

Two men and one woman stand in front of the Wasco State Prison Reception Center holding wellness challenge prizes.
Some of the February Wellness Challenge winners were, from left, Vice Principal David Fernandez, Warden Shirley, and A-Yard Correctional Counselor Charles Jackson.

Wasco State Prison-Reception Center (WSP-RC) has implemented a way to help employees achieve work-life balance: a monthly Employee Wellness Challenge.

The Community Resource Manager’s Office and Executive leadership developed an elective wellness challenge. Accepting the challenge, participating employees were assigned tasks such as physical activities, self-care and mindfulness.

Each day, institution employees receive emails with CDCR Wellness App based activities. Geared toward law enforcement employees, the new app is full of activities and information.

After employees complete a set number of the activities, they then become eligible for a monthly giveaway. Reward prizes are donated by the WSP-RC Employee Liaison Committee (ELC) and Mental Health Department.

Employees were all in for the the February challenge with participants varying in classification. Staff from support to custody and education to medical too part in the activities.

Working in a correctional environment can be stressful so that’s why the wellness initiative helps remind employees to practice self-care. Without work-life balance, employees find themselves risking their mental, physical, and emotional health.

Empowered with the right tools, employees can more easily maintain a healthy mind and body. WSP-RC will continue to offer the monthly challenge all to help raise awareness and encourage employees to stay healthy.

By Alexis Quiles, Office Technician
Community Resource Manager’s Office

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