Community Involvement

Charities thank CVSP for $18k donation

CVSP donates $18,000 to charity.
From left are Vice Principal Dr. Steven Fischer, Academic Instructor Elim Carpenter, Jose A. Gomez, Alexander Valentine, Warden David Holbrook and CRM Kenny Kalian.

Thanks to a food sale for the incarcerated population, Chuckawalla Valley State Prison (CVSP) was able to help two local charities. Warden David Holbrook and Community Resources Manager (CRM) Kenny Kalian presented the two groups with checks totaling $18,361.37.

CVSP hosted the food sale fundraiser on all facilities. CRM office staff took the lead on the event and ensured its success. The Narcotics Anonymous inmate activity group sponsored the fundraiser.  

CVSP donated the funds, divided between two charities:

“I believe in fostering and keeping strong community ties. Hosting events like this is just one of the many ways we do this,” said Warden Holbrook.

CVSP Canteen Manager II Erin Barnes organized, scheduled, and completed all paperwork for the food sale, ensuring it ran smoothly.

During the scheduled event, all COVID-19 safety protocols were followed.

By Lt. JJ Hernandez.

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