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DAPO leaders encourage staff to Be Well

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Employee health is part of new DAPO guiding principles

Recognizing staff health is vital to fulfilling the mission at the Division of Adult Parole Operations (DAPO), they’ve created the “Be Well” program.

One of the new guiding principles for DAPO highlights the importance of the mental, physical and spiritual well-being of DAPO staff. Innovative and staff-centered programs and services have been initiated or are in development.

The following are some examples of programs currently underway.

First program focuses on health

“Be Well” is the first program to launch under this new initiative. This series of monthly open atmosphere forums gives DAPO staff, at all levels, a chance to learn about a variety of self-care topics and engage in (or simply listen to) open discussions.

The forums are designed to create the safe space for increased dialogue about emotional and physical stressors of DAPO staff members while also providing support and resources to cope with them. The forums are intended to supplement the services of the Office of Employee Wellness and tailor discussions toward DAPO-specific themes.

“Be Well” is voluntary and supervisors are encouraged to accommodate the schedules of staff interested in participating. The series will be available every second Thursday of the month from 11 am to noon through Microsoft Teams.

Plans to expand the ”Be Well” series include providing programs such as office yoga, guided breathing and meditation sessions. Additionally, a plan is being formulated to establish “Be Well” representatives in each parole office. This allows them to help facilitate participation while also gathering ideas and areas of need. It is a crucial component of the program that staff have an active voice in communicating and sharing ideas for topics and ideas that are pertinent to their needs.

Recognizing that specialized caseloads can place staff at a higher risk for negative health effects, a program is currently in development to provide those staff with regular connection to a licensed mental health clinician. Individually, and via unit meetings, the clinician is available to provide training and resources relative to managing the effects of prolonged exposure to certain caseloads.

These are just a sample of the innovative programs being developed for valued DAPO staff and their holistic needs.

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