CRC holds ISUDT graduation for 13

CRC ISUDT graduation with prison warden presenting a certificate to a graduate.
Warden Glen E. Pratt with Graduate and class Valedictorian Erwin Soto.

On June 25, California Rehabilitation Center (CRC) recognized 13 incarcerated students in a graduation ceremony under the new Integrated Substance Use Disorder Treatment (ISUDT) model.

The students completed Cognitive Behavioral Interventions (CBI) – Life Skills, making them the first graduates under the new model. 

Life Skills is a 31-week curriculum consisting of several evidence-based modules including Victim Impact, Parenting Inside Out, and Thinking for a Change.

The goal of the program is long-term recidivism reduction. 

Benefits include lifestyle change, identity change, family reunification, employment readiness, job placement, successful transition upon release, and freedom.  

The program began in October 2020 with modifications made due to COVID-19. Classes began under the Engagement Packet Model. 

Incarcerated participants received and completed their assignments in their respective housing units. Classes transitioned to face-to-face under the department’s Roadmap to Reopening.

CRC staff congratulated students at the ISUDT graduation.

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