Correctional Training Facility partners with Anti‑Recidivism Coalition

Facility C at CTF with speaker and inmates.
Sam Lewis, Director of the ARC at the Correctional Training Facility.

The Correctional Training Facility (CTF) hosted an event put on by the Anti-Recidivism Coalition for the entire incarcerated population.

ARC works to end mass incarceration in California. To ensure our communities are safe, healthy, and whole, ARC empowers formerly and currently incarcerated people to thrive by providing a support network, comprehensive reentry services, and opportunities to advocate for policy change. Through their grassroots policy advocacy, ARC is dedicated to transforming the criminal justice system so that it is more just and equitable for all people.

ARC staff and members regularly travel to institutions and detention facilities across California to provide rehabilitative programming, host policy workshops, and bring hope to incarcerated men and women.

ARC also serves as a support network and a connection to services for formerly incarcerated individuals. They provide support through mentoring, case management, internship and employment opportunities. Members must commit to live crime-free, gang-free, drug-free, in school or working, and in service to their community.

“The goal is to provide rehabilitative programming and skills to offenders to reduce their likelihood of re-offending.  This program is effective in reaching that goal because the incarcerated population can relate to the members of ARC,” said CTF Warden Craig Koenig. “Out of all of the rehabilitative programs that I have seen throughout my career, this has to be the most positive feedback I have received from not only the incarcerated population but from our staff also,” Said Warden Koenig.

In early 2017, ARC received funding from CDCR to develop a regional team of formerly incarcerated staff members to lead rehabilitative programming and reentry support. Led by eight former Lifers, the Hope and Redemption Team (HART) program launched in August 2017. In each institution, ARC offers three workshops – Criminals and Gang Members Anonymous, Board Parole Hearing Preparation and Relapse Prevention, and Youthful Offender Program Mentoring. Thus far, HART has served over 2,000 individuals inside the institutions.

“The collective focus and goal of our visit is to announce our partnership with CTF and to kick start the essential self-help programs for the inmate population. Emerging themselves in the self-help programs will provide hope and redemption to the inmate population.”  Said Sam Lewis, Executive Director of ARC. “We help them in a number of different ways; inside is by creating rehabilitative programs that are created for us by us. When you come out it is by providing housing, therapy, and career opportunities,” said Sam Lewis during his presentation.

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